WIPO PROOF: Protect Your Intellectual Assets with A Digital Time-Stamp

WIPO PROOF is a new online business service from the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) that provides tamper-proof evidence of the existence of any digital file, in any format, at a specific point in time.


Types of IP Assets

Intellectual property (IP) rights and assets deal with the output of creative effort.  These include: inventions; designs; works of art, music and literature; trade secrets; know-how; research; data; and other business records.

Whilst some of these can be protected with formally registered IP rights (such as patents and registered designs), others are only covered by unregistered rights, or the processes within an organisation to prevent unauthorised access and disclosure.  All these assets can be highly valuable to a business, and, as such, appropriate steps should be taken to safeguard them.

Additional support mechanisms that enable management around, or otherwise discourage, unauthorised use, infringement and theft, can be of great benefit.



WIPO PROOF is a new digital service to complement existing IP registration systems.  It provides a date and time-stamped fingerprint, in the form of a digital certificate, that serves as tamper-proof evidence of the existence of an asset at a specific point in time.

Using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology, WIPO PROOF generates certificates in the form of tokens.

PKI is an established cryptographic technology, widely accepted internationally, for the creation, storage, and distribution of digital certificates.  In addition, WIPO PROOF meets eIDAS (Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services) standards.  This is a European Union regulation relating to electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions.


Protecting Your Assets with WIPO PROOF

WIPO PROOF is specifically designed for innovation and creativity in the digital world.

Anyone can use WIPO PROOF and request a token for a specific digital file.  Any digital file of any size can be protected, including numeric, image, executable, text or audio-visual files.

WIPO PROOF is not a registration system.  Rather, it offers tamper-proof evidence of the prior existence of a digital file.  This can discourage misuse and misappropriation.  It can also safeguard intellectual assets at every stage of development from concept through to commercialization.

Trade secret strategies can benefit from the certification of a file or data that demonstrates both its value and the steps taken to protect it.  Owners of creative works can show that they were in possession of an original work before anyone else.  Scientific research and other valuable data sets can be managed more effectively through accepted verification of their existence and ownership.

The service offered by WIPO PROOF should be viewed as an additional part of your IP strategy.  It can be used to protect certain assets, lay the foundation for the eventual registration of a formal IP right, and help resolve legal disputes, arbitration and mediation.

Alistair Curson



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