New Online Patent Search Tools

Many national and regional patent offices provide access to their public patent information via their own online tools.  Often these can be extremely valuable in accessing information that may not be available from any other source, even if it means working in unfamiliar languages.

As recently reported by the European Patent Office’s Asian Patent Information Service, three offices have launched new services, or new versions of existing services, within the last month alone – Hong Kong, Malaysia and Russia.


Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department launched its New Integrated IT System on 14th February 2019, replacing the IPD Online Search System.

The system enables searching of Patents, Trade Marks and Designs, and the interface is available in English as well as both Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

There is both a quick search facility and a fairly comprehensive advanced search.

Accessible data include bibliographic information, fee payment data, legal status information and published documents.  Users may also download individual results as PDF or XML files, or export result lists in various formats.



A new version of the IP Online system from the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) was recently launched.

This tool enables searching of Malaysian IP Rights including Patents, Trade Marks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications

With an English interface the search capability is reasonably comprehensive.  One point to note is that registration is required.



On 5th March 2019, the Russian Patent Office and the technology company Yandex launched a collaborative project making Patents and Utility Models published by the former Soviet Union and the Russian Federation available online.

The search features are currently relatively limited, and the interface only appears available in Russian.

Yandex itself is the largest internet search engine in Russia, and this new product is more akin to Google Patents in that it is a patent-related dataset accessible via an internet search engine.



Sometimes local patent office websites are the only available source of certain types of patent information from particular jurisdictions.

It’s worth checking out these new resources, as well as those from other jurisdictions of interest, to ensure you’re able to access all the available patent information you possibly can to support the management of your own IP portfolios and strategies.

Alistair Curson



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